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2020/7/18We commit all of our resources and talents to protecting every single resident in Greeley and to protecting and supporting every single individual that serves on the Greeley Police Department The principles of life safety and security of every single individual resident and police officer are precious and valuable Working together WWF can't reverse the downward trend in fisheries alone We forge partnerships with organizations that have complementary areas of expertise such as Blue Ventures and CARE because by working together we can catalyze bigger impacts BLOG: How WWF works with CARE and communities in Mozambique to protect critical ecosystems

Protecting Natural Resources

The Sustainable Communities Network website connects citizens with the resources they need to implement innovative processes and programs to restore the economic environmental and social health and vitality of their communities It addresses a wide range of

"I believe strongly that our Rotary Foundation programs now have a valuable added dimension to our efforts " says Maloney Foundation Trustee Chair Gary C K Huang says that with the global population reaching near eight billion protecting the environment is increasingly important

My Fellow Americans: The September 11 2001 attacks demonstrated the extent of our vulnerability to the terrorist threat In the aftermath of these tragic events we as a Nation have demonstrated firm resolve in protecting our critical infrastructures and key assets

2015/12/182 Finally even though these best practices are intended for DHS and our local state and federal government partners and grantees the private sector may also find these recommendations valuable and instructive in creating their unmanned aircraft system programs

We are Clocr and our mission is to enable your loved ones to inherit your digital assets the right way We take your excuses away by making the boring and time-consuming job of organizing your digital assets simple effective affordable and mostly importantly "legally compliant'

Our Values

Protecting our people and the world we all share has been and remains a priority to MPC We aim for an accident-free incident-free workplace to ensure everyone goes home safely every day We are committed to safe and environmentally responsible operations to protect the health and safety of our employees contractors and communities

Changing Perceptions Our understanding of the value of endangered species to humans has increased together with the recognition that human activities cause extinction In general benefits of species can be classified as ecological economic and social Different

A long-term strategy for coastal adaptation should have two objectives: (i) protecting coastlines and populations from risks posed by damaging storms and (ii) restoring valuable coastal systems—such as salt marshes oyster and coral reefs mangroves1 3–5)

Projects supporting our values Runbox collaborates with organizations and prioritizes projects that contribute to sustaining and protecting our planet Since 2008 we have volunteered for Concerned Scientists Norway an interdisciplinary non-profit organization contributing to a more sustainable society

"Protecting and promoting Wales' natural resources is a key element of our recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic "During the pandemic many communities have gained an increased appreciation for our natural environment – not just the part it plays in wellbeing and recreation but also in underpinning key rural economies

Protecting Valuable Wetlands Many coastal wetlands have been identified as "Essential Fish Habitat " indicating an increased urgency and value in protecting these areas Using our extensive scientific and management expertise we provide recommendations to avoid minimize and compensate for the adverse effects of dredging fill and other actions that threaten healthy habitats

We are passionate about our small role in supporting their efforts through the provision of $150M in funds toward medical staffing supplies and hardship relief for health care workers This includes $15M for the CDC Foundation to support surge staffing for state and local health departments and $10M to Gavi the Vaccine Alliance to aid the development of coronavirus vaccines and

Key priorities for consumer advocacy in June 2020: Global action on travel and financial inclusion How are our members supporting and protecting consumers through this crisis? See below for selected examples: Asia Pacific In Australia CHOICE is campaigning for banks and financial institutions to rise to the challenge of supporting consumers through COVID-19 with 'empathy and fairness

Harvesting Our Potential — Women Food and Agriculture

Harvesting Our Potential (SM) supports aspiring and beginning women farmers as they pursue their farm dream Women farmers are more likely to grow produce and more likely to raise small animals By supporting women farmers we are helping build community food security bringing more diversity to the

Let's #GoLIVEtogether Go LIVE Together represents a coalition of leaders and businesses that comprise a diverse valuable and vibrant live events ecosystem We have assembled this coalition to ensure our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed in local state and federal relief and stimulus funding related to COVID-19

2020/5/6Our friends family and co-workers are members of society and we can contribute by showing them emotional support Or if you need to talk about a negative experience with somebody else let them share their own experiences too

Let's #GoLIVEtogether Go LIVE Together represents a coalition of leaders and businesses that comprise a diverse valuable and vibrant live events ecosystem We have assembled this coalition to ensure our voices are heard and our concerns are addressed in local state and federal relief and stimulus funding related to COVID-19

2020/8/11"Apprenticeships are not only valuable for our young people they are a key way for all employers to invest in their workforce and provide the skills the economy needs both now and in the future "Our focus is on protecting jobs creating jobs ensuring quality jobs and supporting skilled jobs

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